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the main eight vallaslin of the pantheon; their simple and advanced versions. merrill and velanna have variations of falon’din and ghilan’nain to set them apart from the other dalish, so i might consider variations as well 8U

(full version)

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well alright

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Dragon Age: Awakening Companions

more like Dragon Age: Unromanceable NPC Hell

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Slowly falling in love with my Trevelyan. Send help.

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dwarf boyfriend ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

He is my favorite

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Dragon Age Inquisition: You can name your weapons!

Me: You are putting a dangerous power into my hands.

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sibylla-surana asked:

★ Style for Naia, Lucera, and Irimë
  • Naia feels most comfortable in her armor, and so she’s almost always wearing it. Lots of leathers, and sometimes heavy plates and chainmail. If she has to dress more casually, she leans toward simple tunics and trousers, or plain dresses like the ones she wore in the alienage. You’d be hard-pressed to get her to dress any fancier.
  • Lucera probably has the most variety in her wardrobe. Her tastes range from billowing cloaks, to embroidered dresses, to corsets, to lightly plated armor, to (admittedly) feathered pauldrons. The only real stability to her wardrobe is that she tends to wear darker colors, lots of blues and violets.
  • Irimë loves dresses. Loves them. All manners of colors, silk and ribbon lace and flower petals and any material she can get her hands on. Low necklines, open backs, heavy embellishments; they’re her weaknesses. She also has a massive collection of jewelry. Long, flashy necklaces, chandelier earrings, expensive rings, you name it.
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I’ve been meaning ask for a commission of these three ever since I started writing my self-indulgent drabbles, and being a big fan of ellyshepard's work I am incredibly happy with how this turned out!! It's Isabela and Fenris spoiling their half-elf daughter Bethy with a fancy hat…because mage cowls simply won't do for a young pirate.

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tezpadam asked:

(Imagine there's a star symbol here I'm on mobile) for Iri, hobbies?

Irimë has quite a few hobbies, some that survived from when she was a child, and some that she adopted to keep herself occupied in the Circle.

For the former, there’s her collections. When she was with her clan, she collected arrows that she helped craft with one of her mothers. They were left behind when she was taken to the Circle, but she starts her collection back up during Inquisition. In the Circle, she collects the small pieces of her people’s history that she can steal from the Libraries. Torn out pages from books, pieces of elven language that she had never known existed.

She is also an amazing nail artist/manicurist. She was really great at making paints and colors when she was young, and when she comes to the Circle, she’s an immediate hit with all the apprentices. She manages to obtain (steal) a bunch of different brushes and supplies, and in a few years she pretty much masters every aspect of it, from paint creation to design to nail care.

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commandercousland asked:

★ seasons <3

Naia loved autumn in the alienage. She would hardly describe the place as beautiful, but when autumn came, with its cool breezes and vibrant colors, she could find beauty hiding under the faded cobbled streets and ramshackle houses.

It was small and simple, but it was there. In the warm cider and pumpkin rolls that her father brought home, treats that they could not afford and yet continued to eat every fall. It was in the faces of the people, who enjoyed the last moments of warmth and security with songs on their lips and determination in their hearts.

And it was in the Vhenadahl. The leaves burst into shades of red, orange, and gold; the children would gather them into piles and throw themselves in. The square would fill with their bright laughter and the pleasant crunch of the leaves underneath them. There was so much beauty to be found, beauty that the alienage desperately needed.

When Naia looks back and recalls her home, she always imagines it in autumn.

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You can specify any number of characters you want. You may also specific something you want to hear about, but not too specific. :>

ex: ★ Fears 

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a million years later, i finally get around to finishing this!

saemus dumar and ashaad from dragon age 2

so tragic 

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Bride of the Maker (redux)

So lately this has been going around all of a sudden, which is kind of nice, but also I don’t want anyone thinking that’s my current skill level. 

My version of Andraste, which I’m totally attached to. The white/blonde version they have in the books is basically a slap in the face to me and I can only hope (or pretend at this point) that it’s just an interpretation of her based on people in Thedas. If Andraste ever gets a cameo in game, and is not a WOC, I’m probably going to cry big baby tears of sadness.