Make me choose |
↳ breadedsinner asked : Leliana or Sebastian?


Make me choose |

↳ breadedsinner asked : Leliana or Sebastian?

☼ for Irimë

Hmm… I pick…


Irimë is all about hugs. She enjoys being close with people, and she thinks that you can find a lot of comfort in someone’s embrace. If you’ve made her happy, or she feels that she needs to apologize about something, whatever conversation you have with her will end in a hug.

She’s usually the one to initiate it, and it’s often fast and dramatic. Picture her spreading her arms wide and throwing them around her friend, squeezing them tightly and nuzzling her head in their shoulder. If she’s feeling extra emotional, she’ll pat or rub circles in their back.

For all the freckle lovers out there, Mike Laidlaw said it was a popular request and that they were investigating the possibility!



Yup, I saw the tweet earlier today!

OMG Ambre might be able to have her freckles.

☞ talks and ☾ sleeps for Lucera!

☞ Talks

If Lucera’s talking, there’s about a 90% chance she’s smirking. She has this mask of arrogance that she wears, and she’s gotten comfortable in it over the years. This can be a negative thing if she doesn’t like you. She can be very sarcastic, and her words will have a bite to them. But if she’s being friendly, her tone will become warm and light-hearted. She’s really charismatic, and she prides herself in getting others to laugh.

Sometimes she’s too loud. Especially when she’s drunk.

☾ Sleeps

Lucera’s one of those people who rolls around all night and steals all of the sheets. It was a bit jarring for her lovers at first; they all tried to curl up together one night, but that resulted in Lucera pretty much pushing them all off the bed. So now they usually trade off nights sleeping with her.

Anders is the most comfortable with her. She can move to lay on top of him, and he’ll stay asleep. Fenris wakes up when she tosses and turns, but he moves to hold her and she manages to lie still. She and Isabela fight over the sheets all night, but they sleep well. They just wake up tangled in the blankets with their legs over each other.

fights and kisses for Naia!

♐ Fights

Naia fights with a longsword and a dagger. She has a very particular style. For her, it’s all about finding her enemy’s weak points and exploiting them. She doesn’t really deal heavy blows, but she is quick and calculated, and once she finds the chink in her foe’s armor, they don’t stand a chance.

Her strength would have to be her defense, however. She’s really fast, and Sigrun taught her the ways of the Stone, so she has great fortitude as well. More often than not, she gets out of scrapes without a scratch on her.

♦ Kisses

Naia’s come a long way in regards to kissing! She used to be kind of bad at it. She would tense up, and then once she started to reciprocate, she would accidentally clash against their teeth with her own. But Zevran and Morrigan helped her out, and now she’s a pro. She’s got quite a few tongue tricks (she loves using them on Velanna; they always manage to surprise her), and she likes to tease at her lovers’ bottom lips with her teeth.

movement and posture headcanons!


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♚ sits
➔ walks
♐ fights
☼ you choose!


I realized something very important today, Solas isn’t the only one committing fashion crimes.


I mean, look at those stitched up pants.

maeves-child replied to your post “Tell me some of the names you’re playing around with for your…”

Morienda Cadash, Ambre Trevelyan, Evony Adaar

Oh, I like them! They’ll all sound really badass to me for some reason. :]

Okay, I haven’t talked about Lavellan names. My canon Inquisitor is going to be named Irimë, but when I play an elf again, I’m thinking Devi, maybe Loren.



Imagine a Warden, who’s madly in love with the Antivan elf, after hearing that it rains often in Antiva, finding themselves longingly looking out the window whenever it rains, wondering how Zevran is doing. (◕‿◕✿)



Hey! So i’m in need for some cash so it’s time for commissions again yaaay!

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If interested contact me at with the subject-header as [your tumblr-username] Commissions. Please provide references (or detailed description) of characters as well as describe their personality a bit so i can have a handle on how they would act. Also provide references if there is a specific outfit you’d like them in, otherwise i’ll design it myself (which i’m a total sucker for).

[slot availability]

I think that about covers it, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or contact me here, thank you! Signal boosts appreciated.


Dunno why but I imagine an awkward Anders dating my Hawke, a.k.a, Miss Sarcasm-a-lot.
Dragon Age II is awesome, btw.And I have this love/hate feelings for the Qunari.Damnnnnnnnnn


Dunno why but I imagine an awkward Anders dating my Hawke, a.k.a, Miss Sarcasm-a-lot.

Dragon Age II is awesome, btw.
And I have this love/hate feelings for the Qunari.


I headcanon that this warden gave Zevran the worst blowjob of his life.

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I’m trying to pick names ahead of time so I don’t get bogged down when I just want to play the damn game, so - Talan Adaar, Emeria Lavellan, Nico Trevelyan, and something starting with ‘G’ for Cadash. 

Ooh, they all sound great! Emeria is really pretty. And Nico is one of my favorite names (my Shepard is named Nicolina, but she goes by Nico).

I’ve honestly given zero thought to what I want to name my human. It’s going to be my last played race, and it’ll probably just be a filler playthrough so I can play restricted romances. So a guy, I guess. Tristan? Kvothe? Probably the latter, since it’s my favorite book character and it has sentimental value. Lmao. 

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I want to have my first Cadash be named Dezba :)

Oh wow, that’s lovely! I’ve been playing around with Dwarven names and they’re my favorites so far. I’m thinking about Arta, Duri, and Keshda. Although Keshda Cadash has a lot of ‘sh’ sounds, but Keshda’s so pretty, urgh.